Appetizers and Cocktails
Nuts and Chips
Cold Cuts Platter
Devilled Eggs
Japanese Platter
Dimsum Platter
Assorted Canapes
Pork Barbecue Cutlets
Seafood Skewers
Chicken Lolipop
Cocktail Sandwiches
Garlic Mushrooms and Baby Potatoes
Baby Potatoes w/ Sour Cream
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Roasted Beef and String Beans Roll
Dessert Setups
Chocolate Fountain 100 pax P5,000, every addtl. 50 pax P1,000
Cheese Fountain 100 pax P4,000, every addtl. 50 pax P800
Cotton Candy P2,500 ( 100 sticks )
Pastry Buffet 100 pax P8,000
Soft Ice Cream P3,000 ( 100 sticks )
Home Made Ice Cream P370/gallon
Choose from: Chocolate, Choco Mallows,
Cookies and Cream, Queso,
Strawberry, Langka
Candy Buffet P1,500 ( 50 kids )
Food Carts
The Mexican - Nachos & Tacos P3,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
The French Connection - French Fries P3,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
Great Balls of Fire - Squid & Fish Balls P3,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
The Orient Express Asstd. Dimsum P4,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
Shake Rattle and Roll Fruit Shakes Stand P3,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
Carambola Fiesta Halo-halo P3,500 100 pax, P35 addtl pax
Hotdog Cart P4,500 100 pax, P45 addtl pax
Baked Turkey - Inquire for Current Prices
Lechon - Inquire for Current Prices

Lechong Baka - Inquire for Current Prices